7 Jun 2011

Want to put something on?

I'm ridiculously busy this coming week, but I realised this morning that I'd said workshop applications would open in June, and we're now a week into it. Whoops! I've now changed the 'Workshops' tab to tell people to email in if they'd like to put something on.

Do you have some knowledge you'd like to share? Something in the zine community you feel particularly strongly about? Maybe you'd like to talk to everyone about the importance of zines in the majority world, or you know a lot about riot grrrl zines from the 90s. Maybe you make your own stamps for your front covers and you'd like to show everyone else how to do it too, or you want to explore how other zinesters feel about political extremism in zines. Send us an email and we'll discuss whether your idea would rock as a workshop! Since the zinefest starts at 1:00pm and ends at 6:00pm, we have roughly five hour long slots to fill.

The next update should be about stall applications opening, so hold on to your hats.

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