6 May 2011


I've decided to open workshop applications earlier than stall applications. Workshop applications will now open next month in June, while stall applications will still open in July.

Part of this is that I feel bad about the prospect of people applying - anyone who wants to share their knowledge with others should be lauded, not made to jump through hoops. At the same time, I do want there to be some vetting of the workshops taught, as there are certain workshops either I wouldn't be comfortable holding (anything hate-based, for instance) or the venue we're at wouldn't be comfortable with (a practical demonstration of nihilist Anarchism, perhaps?).

Having said that, anyone who wants to teach a workshop shouldn't feel like they have to wait until June. You can get in touch earlier and I'll be very impressed at your organisational skills. Since I haven't heard from anyone at all yet, I'm hoping it's because I've said applications start in July, rather than because nobody is going to come and I'm going to be at my zinefest all alone.


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