5 Oct 2011

Getting ready

Only three days to go until October 8th. The stalls arrangements are pretty much set at this point, although a couple of people have dropped out and a couple of other people have moved in. We've got badges - very exciting - and I'm currently in the middle of writing a little programme/zinetypething.

We're still looking for people willing to put on a workshop. If you would be, or know anyone who might, tell us! This is quite late in the week so we're not expecting anything expert or all of that. If you'd be willing, but don't know what to do, here are some ideas:

Share a zine skill. Do you know the perfect folding pattern for a minizine? The best way to unjam a stapler? How best to get your zines to countries without reliable distros? Or maybe you don't have anything that specific in mind - don't worry! There will be people attending who've never made a zine of their own, and would appreciate a Zine Making 101.

Share a non-zine skill. Whether it's crochet, origami or making puppets out of paper plates, so long as it's DIY it's welcome. (We have some crafty type materials if you need them.)

Hold a discussion. Everyone loves a bit of a natter. If you've got a zine topic you're interested in, you might be just the person to facilitate a discussion on it.

Give a presentation. OK, so there aren't many days left to plan one, but maybe you've got one you've given before, or maybe you just want to do ten minutes of talking followed by a Q&A.

Host a compzine session. We've got the glue and the pens so long as you've got the time. You could give people a deadline or just hold a drop-in session over a longer period. On the day, people draw, write and collage on the topic. We'll then put a zine together and send it to everyone who's put their name and address down. You don't have to do anything with it past Saturday if you don't want to; we can get the post-Saturday printing covered.

These are just a few ideas. I know there are lots of you arts and crafts bods out there, and lots of people who are keen to lend a hand. This is a thing that would be really helpful, so send an email if you can.

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  1. If I was less of a socially awkward person I'd love to put one on, but I know I'd freeze as soon as I stood in front of an audience, haha.